Freedom Firearms Training Center





We also provide private sessions for those who desire specific training.  Either Kerry, or Rick can schedule specific classes custom designed for your particular needs!  Call us for more info today.

  Rick 785-969-6425 or Kerry 785-304-2730

We train all levels of skill on the basics of handgun shooting.   We teach the foundations and fundamentals of Handgun shooting, including but not limited to:

4 Universal Safety Rules

Mechanical Function of Various Handguns

Ammunition Types

Stance, Grip, Sight Picture, Sign Alignment, Trigger Press, Trigger Reset, Chamber Checks and more.

Designed for beginners, or someone who wants a refresher or to

re-learn proper basics. 

4 Hour Course is $49 per person with 4 person minimum and 10 person maximum.

This is our Main Course for Personal Defense.

We cover all skills necessary to be effective at using a handgun to protect innocent life.  We cover:

Advanced Shooting Skills

Shooting while injured

Clearing Malfunctions

Safety in the home                 Cost is $49 per person for this 5  

Drawing from concealment     hour course. Min. 4 person Max 10

Hitting multiple targets

Shots on target in under 3 seconds

Mastering the shooting fundamentals

Various scenarios in personal and family defense

How to cover yourself legally, and much more.

We make you BETTER at defensive skills in every way!

Next Class: Sunday May 16th, 2021 at 1PM

Kansas requires 8 hours of training to obtain a Concealed Carry License. Here is a link to some
FAQ's.  We have our own outdoor range and there are no additional range fees with our class.
Some items covered in class are:
*Kansas Law regarding Concealed Carry

*Basic Handgun instruction (care, cleaning, basic shooting skills, components of handguns, etc.)

*Handgun safety

*Reciprocity (other states that recognize CCL)

*What to do if involved in a shooting

 Cost:$79 or a couple for $150

Location: Whiting Community Center

Needed: Any handgun with 25 Rounds of Ammunition.  (Rental Available for $10)

Clothing for an outdoor range. Snacks if you would like.)

Call to reserve your spot.